Yarn Weights Comparison Chart

The Craft Yarn Council creates and sets yarn standard on commonly used gauges and needle/hook sizes. Now you can easily find the right yarn size for your project based on gauge. This helpful chart also allows you to compare different yarns weights. Just because a pattern states what yarn it used, doesn't mean you have to choose that yarn. You can interchange yarns within the weight. Be sure to purchase enough yarn to complete your project.

Please note these are guidelines only - many yarns may be knitted/crocheted at a tighter or looser gauge depending on the project you'd like to create. You can find more yarn industry standards at the Craft Yarn Council.

Yarn Weight Symbol Types of Yarn

Knit Gauge/Needle Size

Crochet Gauge/Hook Size
lace-weight-yarn.png Lace weight

33-40 sts to 4" on US 000-1 needles

32-42 sts to 4" on 6-8 steel or B-1 hook


Sock, fingering

27-32 sts to 4" on US 1-3 needles

21-32 sts to 4" on US B-1 to E-4 hooks

fine-yarn.png Sport, baby

23-26 sts to 4" on US 3-5 needles

16-20 sts to 4" on US E-4 to 7 hooks


DK, Light


21-24 sts to 4" on US 5-7 needles

12-17 sts to 4" on US 7 to I-9 hooks

medium-yarn.png Worsted, Aran

16-20 sts to 4" on US 7-9 needles

11-14 sts to 4" on US I-9 to K-10.5 hooks

bulky-yarn.png Chunky, Bulky

12-15 sts to 4" on US 9-11 needles

8-11 sts to 4" on US K-10.5 to M-13 hooks

super-bulky-yarn.png Bulky, Roving

7-11 sts to 4" on US 11-17 needles

7-9 sts to 4" on US M-13 to Q hooks

jumbo-yarn.png Jumbo, Roving

6 sts or less to 4" on US 17-50 needles

6 sts or less to 4" on US Q and larger hooks