Variegated Yarns

What is variegated yarn?

Wikipedia defines variegated knitting yarns as those dyed with more than one color. We organize all of the randomly dyed and multicolored yarns as variegated. If you are interested in yarns that stripe as you knit, visit our self striping yarns.

How is variegated yarn dyed/made?

These yarns may be hand dyed or professionally manufactured. If the yarn is hand dyed, it tends to be dyed while in hank form. The professionally may be dyed several ways. Sometimes the fiber is dyed first and then various colors are plied together. Other times the yarn is spun and then dyed in either a random or planned pattern.

How to knit with variegated yarn?

Because of the random color changes in this type of yarn, many knitters don't care for the pooling effect that can happen. Our own knitting doctor, Donna Pelzar gives you her favorite tips for knitting with variegated yarn here.

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