Shawls & Wraps

What is a shawl?

Shawls are large pieces of fabric that are meant to be wrapped around the shoulders for warmth. Shawls may be worn over the head or around the neck and keep dampness and chill at bay. Shawls, wraps, and stoles may be used interchangeably. Check out our wide collection of shawl & wrap knitting patterns.

Shawls for all Knitting Skill Levels

We stock easy shawl knitting patterns up to the most expert level wraps. These patterns are a great way to use a luxurious or hand dyed yarn. Most often, they are knit all in one piece, so no seams to sew. Shawls patterns are available in lots of shapes and textures, too. Traditional rectangular shawls, triangle shawls, crescent shapes, shawls knit on the diagonal, lace shawls, cables, mitered, and even shawls with ruffles.


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