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Rozetti Yarn ScarvesRozetti Flora Yarn

Knit a big ruffle scarf! Rozetti Flora is a soft, wide webbed ribbon yarn. Simply knit into the top to create a wide, glamourous ruffle. We love Flora for scarves, shawls, and trim.

Knit a 1-skein scarf free knitting pattern! (shown, right)

Want to see how to knit Flora? How to Knit Flora Yarn

  • 72% Cotton, 28% Polyamide
  • 100 gram ball, approximately 27 yards
  • 4-5 sts per inch on US 7-9 needles
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash, lay flat to dry

You won't find everyone knitting THIS yarn

Written by RLF on 22nd Oct 2015

Because it really isn't fabric at all, knitting with this. . .um? help here? . . .'non-fabric' can be challenging, satisfying, and really really fun all at the same time. The end product is LOVED by my mother, for whom I made it--buy my knitting teacher was completely un-impressed. Just know you're in for an unusual experience.

Makes a soft ruffle

Written by Bobbie on 13th Mar 2014

I only knit 3 stitches so I need a nice flow to the layers and this yarn delivers. Easy to work with. The only thing that is frustrating is having pieces knotted together to make 27 yards. Difficult when knitting a fine item when you have join pieces together. The variegated color is real vesitile. It goes with so many colors.

took longer

Written by undefined on 15th Apr 2013

took me a bit to get the hang of using it, made a pretty scarf

Rozettis Flora is VERY different from Starbella!

Written by Pam on 14th Apr 2013

I was startled by the tiny webbing, lack of a knitting track at the edge, & no suggestions on the back of the label. I wanted to just send the yarn back, but decided I should try one scarf & see what the results were like with this unique ruffle yarn. Although it took more time to knit, was a little shorter in length, & caught on things very easily, I was pleased with the resulting scarf. The yarn comes in some beautiful color combinations & has a lovely sheen to it. I cast on only 5 stitches about 1 inch apart with my second scarf to cut the thickness & extend the length a bit.

Flattens and doesn't "ruffle"

Written by Illinois on 13th Apr 2013

I was disappointed with this yarn. It doesn't "ruffle" as prettily as others and the 1st time I wore it, it flattened terribly. There's only 27 yards in a ball and it's not easy to knit with. All in all, I was disappointed. I've knit over 70 scarves using different brands and have been happy with all of them but this particular one.

Rozetti Flora yarn

Written by undefined on 8th Feb 2013

This is the first time I bought this yarn. I bought it in Rust and it's coming out very beautiful. Of course it takes more time to work with this type of yarn, but it's worth it. I actually think the webbing to be too wide, I like it a little smaller.

Beautiful yarn

Written by Helen H. on 25th Jan 2013

I've not knitted this yarn yet, but the colors are luscious, and the fine mesh of the yarn I know will result in a beautiful scarf.

full ruffles without a pronounced edge

Written by undefined on 1st Dec 2012

This yarn produces beautiful, full ruffles. I didn't measure anything; I just cast on seven stitches and pierced the mesh close to the top. It catches on fingernails, etc, but the product is beautiful. I think the coarser mesh is OK, but I like the fuller, floppy ruffles afforded by Flora. I dislike the narrower yarns; I think the scarves look like lengths of pile carpeting!

Knit in 4 hours

Written by averil marks on 24th Sep 2012

It came out even better than expected

no creative..

Written by June on 8th Sep 2012

I was very disapointed as I couln't figure out how to use as I had been useing Starbella..had to be creative and make do...I suggest on the inside lable of all yarns to have some kind of "instructions for dummies"..

Flora Ruffle Yarn

Written by Carol on 16th Aug 2012

This yarn is very pretty and I like the way it ruffles. It would be easier to use if there was a defined track to knit in instead of the tiny mesh. I printed the instructions but ended up watching a link from another company to be more confident I was knitting the scarf correctly. I think I'll be pleased with my finished scarf.

More work than other ruffle yarns

Written by Lorraine on 12th Aug 2012

Made a gorgeous scarf, but be prepared to work. Unlike other ruffle yarns there is not a designated loop or skip a loop to go into. You have to measure off 1 1/4 inches to figure where to insert your needle for the next stitch. I put marks on my needles and it worked out, but took me much longer than the other loopy yarns.

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