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Premier Starbella Stripes Ruffle Yarn

Wear your stripes with pride! Premier Starbella Stripes is a lively ruffle yarn created in the most popular team colors. Perfect for knitting to support your school, college, sports team, cheerleading team, or even for groups that wants to show a united front! This yarn may be knitted or crochet just like our popular Premier Starbella ruffle yarn. Want to know a college team's colors? College Traditional Team Colors

Premier Starbella Stripes Yarn
Fiber Content 100% Acrylic
Yarn Weight 100 gram skein
Yardage/Ball approx. 33 yards
Knit Needles US 11-50
Crochet Hooks M-S
Care Machine wash, tumble dry low heat
How to knit with Premier Starbella 

How to crochet with Premier Starbella


Written by chana on 13th Sep 2014

the starbella stripe is my favorite of the ruffle yarns.

excellent yarn

Written by undefined on 27th Aug 2014

it is much better than any of the cheaper brands and makes a really special scarf.

Starbella is the best

Written by Chana on 14th Jul 2014

i have used other brands but this is the best and easiest to work with.

Excellent Service!

Written by Anita on 31st Jan 2014

Love Starbella and the ruffled scarves. Making for the fans of grandson's hockey team in green and white,(Stadium).Easy ordering process with quick delivery! Excellent service!

Great buy!

Written by Shirley on 14th Dec 2013

Appreciated the promptness even at a busy time of year.

My favorite ruffle yarn

Written by ldslice on 19th Aug 2013

I've tried many ruffle yarns and the Starbella varieties are my favorites to work with. They are very consistent without flaws and seldom have a knot in the skein. They work up beautifully and create a full, fluffy scarf every time. I also find that this yarn knits up quicker than some as it is easier to find the top edge after opening the yarn as it doesn't curl back on itself like some yarns.


Written by Sally on 17th Aug 2013

Making ruffle scarves for School Spirit day and everyone loves them!

Excellent Yarn and Easy Pattern

Written by Pam on 5th Aug 2013

I have made other ruffled scarves but none can compare to this yarn!! The pattern is extremely easy and the yarn is soft. It also works up quickly! I chose the blue and yellow as that is the college colors that my granddaughter will be attending. Can't wait to see the expression on her face when I gift this to her right before she leaves!

Better selection than I find in fabric stores.

Written by Susan Natrop on 14th Jul 2013

Go Pack Go. Of course Packer colors are a hit in WI but finding the yarn at a fabric store is next to impossible. I would like to make ones to represent WI badgers using Red with white stripe instead of White with red stripe. I thing the Red with White stripe would be a hit not only for WI Badgers but also a couple different schools. I also have found knots. What is the best way to keep the yarn from being so twisted while working with it? I have rewound the yarn initially and found that it is way to time consuming and it still twisted. I thought maybe the twisting came from starting with the loose end on top of the skein so this last skein I worked with I pulled out the loose end from the center and wow that was the most twisted I have every worked with, won't do that again. Any suggestion. I do find the service to be fast and always free if you check the standard shipping box. I appreciate that. I have found a few codes for 5% off

I love this yarn

Written by undefined on 27th Jun 2013

What I love best is the color combination. I purchased 3 skeins and will give them to friends whose school (high school) colors are represented by the colors of the stripes. Wonder if you could research school colors and market your yarns that way. Public schools are always having kids raise $ for something--I'll bet you and they could both benefit w/the right colors. Earlier I bought the same yarn in colors that represent the university from which I graduated.

Excellent quality; unbelievable service!

Written by Wendie K. Karpinski on 14th Jun 2013

I have knit with ruffle yarn that was more than twice the cost of the Starbella Premier Yarns and had major flaws (pieces) midway through the skeins. I recently ordered around 50 skeins of regular and "stripes" and have used only four so far. One of the stripes skeins had a piece about two yards long at the END of the skein that was not attached to the skein and had flaws within it. Since it was such a small piece, I just ended the scarf. Problem solved! The other three skeins were perfect.

Yarn Disappointment

Written by Barbara Seidel on 10th Jun 2013

I have ordered yarn from you in the past which I feel was always top quality. However, I was disappointed with my recent order of Ruffle Yarn. As I started to undo the Green and White skein, there was a piece of yarn approximately 24" that was separated from the entire skein. As I got farther in the skein, I found a knot! This really suprised me because it was the first time I've ever discovered a knot. I just cut the knot out and "pieced" the two pieces together. I have not gotten into the 3 other skeins of my order but feel confident that I will not find this happening again.

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