Plymouth Surina Fine Wood 10" Straight Knitting Needles

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Surina Wood Knitting Needles

10 inch knitting needles are a must have for your needle collection. Great for knitting small or skinny projects (like scarves). Since these needles are shorter than the traditional 14" needles, they're also great for working in small spaces such as on a train, in the car, or when sitting in a chair with armrests.

These are large diameter needles for ultra-quick knitting projects!

What is Surina Wood?

Surina Wood is grown around Sundarban, India. The tree from which Surina wood is taken is tall and straight and locally known as "the elegant tree". The trees have tiny branches, and they produce a wood which is hard yet light in weight and perfect for woodworking.

Highly trained and skilled artisans turn this elegant wood into exceptional knitting needles, highlighting natural grain, hyper smoothness of the wood, and handmade perfect finish. The polish is produced without the use of any harmful chemicals or agents. No other wood can provide the look that Surina can.

The needles are perfect in gauge and length, and they are incredibly beautiful. You will enjoy the way they feel as you work, and their beauty when you've put your work aside.

Because they are natural, hand-made needles, they will vary in color and grain. The metric size and the US size is etched onto each needle.