Organic Yarns

What is organic yarn?

In order to use the word organic in yarns, companies must go through rigid standards put out by the USDA. These yarns must be grown or raised organically. That involves raising crops without man-made chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. For sheep and other animals to provide organic wool, the animals must be able to roam free and graze. They are raised in more human conditions than their commercial counterparts.

Because of the additional costs required to produce organic fibers, many are often left undyed. However, there are some organic yarns that have been dyed using natural and low-impact dyes.

Choosing yarns that have been grown or raised organically is an eco-friendly way to knit. We stock various organic fibers including wool, bamboo, and organic cotton. Yarns noted below include both 100% organic and organic blend offerings.

Where to buy organic yarn?

We stock organic yarns from several brand here at NobleKnits including: Appalachian Baby Organic Cotton yarn, Classic Elite Sprout Yarn, and Blue Sky Fibers Skinny Cotton yarn.

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