Knitters Pride Special 16" Interchangeable Needle Set

Knitters Pride
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Knitter's Pride Special 16" Interchangeable Needle Set

If you love to knit small projects such as hats, baby garments, sleeves, collars, and stuffed animals - then you'll love this Knitter's Pride Special Set. It's been designed just for a knitter like you! What you'll love about this Symfonie Dreamz set -each needle size a different color making them easy to identify. In addition, the tips are only 4" making them much easier to use on small projects than standard 5" tips.

Once you discover Knitter's Pride Sympfonie Dreamz needles, you won't want to knit on anything else! That's how we felt when we discovered these wonderful to use and look at needle sets. The needle tips are made from a polished wood surface, so not only do they feel great, your stitches glide effortlessly. The points are sharp enough to make knitting easy with all yarns. The cord connects with a smooth join. It's all packed together in a convienient fabric/clear vinyl case.

What's included in the Special 16" Interchangeable Needle Set

  • Size US 4 Tips - Aquamarine
  • Size US 5 Tips - Orange Lily
  • Size US 6 Tips - Fuchsia Fan
  • Size US 7 Tips - Grey Onyx
  • Size US 8 Tips - Cherry Blossom
  • Size US 9 Tips - Misty Green
  • Size US 10 Tips - Candy Pink
  • Fabric Case with see through Vinyl 
  • 2 Cords (to make 16")
  • 1 set of size markers
  • 4 End caps
  • 2 Cord keys