Knitter's Pride Pattern Holder

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Pattern Holders

Here's a must have tool from Knitter's Pride! This pattern holder is like an extra set of hands when you need it; holding your knitting or crochet pattern in place for easy reading and reference.

This Large Pattern holder measures 20" x 12" when opened, 10" x 12" in folded position (perfect for 8.5 x 11" patterns)

It includes 1 pattern holder, 3 small magnets, 1 large magnet strip, and pen

What we love about the Knitter's Pride Pattern Holders

  • Keeps your pattern neat and wrinkle free
  • One long, easy-to-move magnet help keep track of rows when working charts or patterns
  • May be folded or unfolded for storage, lays flat when folded
  • Snap closure 
  • Strong magnets keep pattern in place
  • Allows you to keep patterns nearby for easy reference
  • Handy pocket holds patterns and charts
  • Pen pocket keeps marker close at hand
  • Black poly-jacquard fabric is sturdy and easy to keep clean
  • Must-have for charts, lace, and color work knitting
  • When folded open, stands upright vertically or horizontally