Knitters Pride Knit Blockers Set

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Knitter's Pride Knit Blockers Set

Hate the hassle of blocking your completed knitting project? Dealing with sharp pins a long wires can be cumbersome. Now there's Knit Blockers from Knitter's Pride. This perfectly packaged, easy to store set of blockers allows you to block any garment in a snap. Designed by knitters, the Knit Blockers Set was created with the knitter like you in mind. Want to learn more? Read a product review

You'll receive a set of 20 blockers including 12 large and 8 small. Since the blockers have numerous pins in each, you'll just place the blocker and it's done. The unique design allows you to maintain even tension. Blockers even include anchor holes so you can string large sections, then pull and pin them for consistent tension. Each blocker is made of sturdy, rust resistant stainless steel pins embedded in tough plastic.

Storage is a give with Knit Blockers. They come in their own easy to store plastic case.

Included in this Set:

  • Pack of 20 Knit Blockers (12 Knit blockers having 8 pins & 8 Knit Blockers having 4 pins)

How to use Knitter's Pride Knit Blockers? Download the PDF Step by Step Tutorial