Knitters Pride Circular Needle Protectors (set of 3)

Knitters Pride
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Knitter's Pride Circular Needle Protectors/Needle Keepers

These needle tubes are such a must have tool for circular needle knitters! Each tube has a rubber stopper at the end with a slot it it. When you put down your knitting, simply slide each needle tip into the tube. Your needle tips will be protected and your knitting can't slip off your circular needles. You'll be able to toss your project in your knitting bag without worrying whether the stitches will be on your needles when you take it back out of the bag. 

Here's a few more things we love about these Circular Needle Protectors from Knitter's Pride.

  • Pack of 3 tubes for Needle size up to US 9 (5.5mm)
  • Protect needles while in use
  • Prevent accidental injury while keeping and taking out projects
  • Prevents puncturing of items in bags by needles
  • Keeps the join between needle and cord safe
  • Prevent accidental breakage of needles in storage of WIPs