Knitters Pride Chunky Interchangeable Needle Set

Knitters Pride
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Knitter's Pride Chunky Interchangeable Needle Set

The Colorful knitting needles! Just like the Deluxe set, this set of Knitter's Pride Chunky needles make knitting a joy. This set is geared towards ultra quick knitting with needle sizes US 13-17. Here's our review of Knitter's Pride Needles: "We fell in love with these needles the moment we discovered them! Why do we love Knitter's Pride Needles? Well, first of all they are colorful. Each needle size is a different color so they are easy to identify. The needle tips are made from a polished wood surface, so not only do they feel great, your stitches glide effortlessly. The points are sharp enough to make knitting easy with all yarns. The cord connects with a smooth join. It's all packed together in a convienient clear vinyl case."

What's included in the Chunky Set

  • Size US 13 Tips - Fuchsia Fan
  • Size US 15 Tips - Aquamarine
  • Size US 17 Tips - Burgundy Rose
  • Clear Vinyl Case
  • 2 Cords (to make 24" & 32")
  • 4 End caps
  • 2 Cord keys