Interchangeable Knitting Needles

What are interchangeable knitting needles?

Interchangeable needle sets provide needle tips and cables in varying sizes all packed into a neat little case. The set allows you to choose the right needle tips and cord length for your knitting project. These sets are perfect for knitters who love to knit a variety of gauges and always like to have needles at hand.

Where to buy interchangeable knitting needles?

We carry the best interchangeable knitting needles to suit your needs: Knitter's Pride Symphonie Dreamz and Marblz, HiYa HiYa Steel needles, and Denise Interchangeable to name a few.

How to choose interchangeable knitting needles?

There are so many amazing interchangeable knitting needles, let's find the set that is right for you by answering a few questions. What type of knitting projects do you like to do? If you tend to do mostly quick-knit bulky projects, try Knitter's Pride Chunky Interchangeable Needles. If you like to knit socks you'll probably like Hiya Hiya Steel Sock Knitting Set. If lace knitting is more your thing, you'll love the pointy tips on Hiya Hiya Sharps Needle Sets.


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