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HiYa HiYa Steel Interchangeable Needle Set

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HiYa HiYa Interchangeable Knitting Needles

HiYa HiYa Interchangeable Needle Sets Review - Nancy Queen

"We discovered these needles at the TNNA Show. They had a few pairs sitting out with a bit of yarn and invited us to knit a few rows. Pure pleasure! The needles are smooth without being too slippery. The stitches seem to glide across the needles! The points have enough of an angle to allow you to easily work the stitches without being too pointy.
All that is great, but the best part is the transition point where the needles screw onto the cables. Some circluar needles have a little bump at that transition point, but not the HiYaHiYa needles. The transition on these needles is so smooth, that once you have screwed the needles into place, you can't even tell they are interchangeable. No keys are needed to change needles like some interchangeable sets. Give them a try and be sure to come back to this page and give the HiYaHiYa Needles your own review!"

HiYa HiYa Interchangeable Needle Sets are available in two sizes, size Small or Large. Needles sets are available in two tip lengths 4" and 5"

  • Size Small: includes 7 sets of tips in sizes US 2-8, 4 cables to make 16, 24, 32 and 40" needles, and a practical & portable brocade case (case colors are assorted).
  • Size Large: includes 6 sets of tips in sizes US 9-15, 4 cables to make 16, 24, 32 and 40" needles, and a practical & portable brocade case (case colors are assorted).
Also check out HiYa HiYa Interchangeable Needle SHARP Sets - with sharper points that standard HiYa HiYas
We now stock additional cables for your HiYa HiYa Interchangeable Needles! Shop Additional Cables

Ease of use

Written by undefined on 26th Nov 2014

I have been using very old needles and suffer carpel tunnel syndrome.l. I decided to stop fighting the stiff cords and buy new needles. What a difference. I am very pleased.

NobleKnits Response to Marilyn

Written by NobleKnits on 30th Jan 2014

Hi Marilyn, Every set of HiYa Hiya Interchangeable Needles comes with a blue oval-shaped rubber grip. This grip allows you to get a good hold on the needles and tighten them so they won't loosen while you are knitting. If you loose the grip, we do sell them separately. Happy knitting!

Cable keeps unscrewing

Written by Marilyn on 26th Jan 2014

Unfortunately when I try to knit with these the cable keeps unscrewing. I always have to check it. Very annoying!!!!!


Written by undefined on 15th Feb 2013

Great product. I'm a newbie in knitting, but love the feel of these needles. I got the large needle set and used the small cable for sleeves. Happy with the purchase. Hope to purchase the smaller set later.

New Customer

Written by Betty Rousubettyrousu on 14th Aug 2012

I have just started to knit with the Hiyahiya needles. They feel light and the yarn seems. to glide off the needles just fine. I ordered the small set of 5" needles.

Love these needles

Written by Belen on 4th Aug 2012

I Have both the large size 4 in and the small size 4 in needle set. I love these needles and now I'm looking to buy the crochet hooks from this brand. They truly ate a joy to knit with, I use them for all my knitting and have never had a problem with them.

Smooth knitting

Written by Norma on 9th Nov 2011

I had been researching interchangeable needles for some time and finally decided to purchase the small set because they were the only set I could find that started with #2s. I am very satisfied with these needles, so now I'm planning to purchase the large set. They are pure pleasure to knit with. It's easy to pair up the tips and cables, and the join is invisible once you do. And as an added bonus, the case that they came in is lovely!

Awesome set!

Written by Chris on 14th Dec 2010

I have both the small and large Hiya Hiya sets and I'm so glad I purchased them. If you like metal without overly sharp points, and soft cables that don't break while you're knitting, this is the set for you. The sizes covered range from US2 to US15, and the case is beautiful as well as functional. Don't let the low price fool you. These are high quality needles, every bit as high of a standard as Addi Turbo, with great customer service should you need it. Throw away your Knit Picks Options set if you get these. You won't want to use another brand again.

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