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HiYa HiYa 16" Steel Circular Knitting Needles

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HiYa HiYa 16" Steel Circular Knitting Needles

Knit hats, small projects, sweater collars and baby garments with HiYa HiYa Steel Needles. Now available in 16" length for popular in-the-round knitting projects. 

HiYa HiYas feature ultra-smooth steel needles. The cables are flexible and the join is near perfect. The needles are approximately 3.5" making it very comfortable to work in the round easily. We also carry circular knitting needles for even smaller projects! Check out our entire collection of HiYa HiYa circular needles, too!

PS. Did you know every set of Hiya Hiya Needles comes with a little surprise in the bag? When you receive your needles, look at the back of the bag...you'll find a handy knitting accessory such as a stitch marker or even a cable needle. What a little treat!

Wonderful needles

Written by undefined on 20th Jun 2014

The HIyaHiya circular knitting needles are a pleasure to use. I have yet had them catch yarn or break off. They are very smooth and the yarns move along extremely smoothly.

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