Gleener S'wet Wet/Dry Alpaca My Bag

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Gleener S'wet Wet/Dry Alpaca My Bag

Hey alpaca lovers, this bag is for you! Alpaca my Bag is a fun, funky, and highly functional bag. Not only is it the perfect place to store your next knitting project, it has tons of other uses!

Gleener calls it a Wet/Dry bag because it can be used to store either wet or dry things inside. Sweaty gym clothes, a wet bathing suit, toiletries, or even a damp towel are no match for this bag. It features a waterproof lining and waterproof zipper to keep odors odors, wetness and messes contained. 

As if the adorable alpaca on the front and back isn't enough, Alpaca My Bag features a sturdy strap with a heavy-duty snap so that you can hang it anywhere for easy access. This bag is made from quick-dry fabric and it's machine washable. Wash in cold water, flip it inside out and hang to line dry overnight.

It's a great gift to give or receive!

Alpaca My Bag measures: 16" x 21"