Fair Isle

What is Fair Isle Knitting?

Fair Isle Knitting or "stranded knitting" is the technique of using two or more colors in a row of a pattern. The unused colors are carried (or stranded) along the back of the work, creating floats. This type of knitting has a definite right side and wrong side. Because of the strands being carried along the back of the work, Fair Isle knitting is often worked in the round as opposed to back and forth. Instructions usually include a color chart to follow along row by row making it easy to follow.

How to Fair Isle Knit?

Watch a How to Knit Fair Isle Video 

Where does Fair Isle Knitting come from?

Fair Isle knitting gets it's name from the island of Fair Isle located in north Scotland. Fair Isle didn't originate stranded knitting but it certainly developed a particular style of this type of knitting and the name attached itself. Color work knitting dates back as early as ancient Egypt and various parts of the world such as parts of the Middle East, Finland, Norway, and Estonia developed their own style. 


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