CocoKnits Knitter's Keep Bracelet Accessory Kit

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Knitter's Keep Knitting Accessory Bracelet Kit

This may just be the handiest tool ever created for knitters! How many times have you lost a stitch marker and found yourself dinging through chair cushions to find it? Held a cable needle in your bra strap or behind your ear? Well, no more! The Knitter's Keep, designed by Julie Weisenburger, keeps your knitting accessories close at hand and in view at all times. It's a silicon slap bracelet adorned with a steel-plated magnet. You'll also receive an assortment of nickel plated knititng notions to place on your Knitter's Keep so they are there when you need them.

Knitter's Keep Kit Includes:

  • One silicone slap bracelet in orange, green, blue or grey
  • 10 large round stitch markers (accommodate US 15 or smaller)
  • 10 small round stitch markers (accommodate US 9 or smaller)
  • 10 opening stitch markers (accommodate US 11 needles or smaller)
  • 2 cable needles (size US 1 / 2.5mm)
  • 2 curved-tip tapestry needles
  • One handy 100% cotton pouch to keep everything together in your knitting bag