Tweed Yarns

What is tweed yarn?

Tweed is a textured yarn with contrasting flecks of other colors that have been spun into a solid background. The flecks are usually short remnant fibers and produce a nubbly feeling rustic fiber. Donegal is a mill in Donegal, Ireland that started producing yarns in this method hundreds of years ago. They are the original tweed manufacturers of this style of yarn that is popular around the world today.

Tweed yarns are available in most yarn weights including bulky, aran, worsted, and dk.

Where to buy tweed yarn?

We constantly stock a variety of tweed yarns here at NobleKnits. From Berroco Inca Tweed to Knit One Crochet Too's hand dyed Kettle Tweed, we have tweed yarns you'll love to knit.

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