Sock Yarns

What yarn to use for socks?

We're often asked, "what is sock yarn?". Sock yarn fits some unique criteria for the best feeling and fitting socks. Once you start knitting handmade socks for others, be warned, they won't want to wear any other socks and your needles will be busy!

Sock knitting yarn is typically easy care (machine washable), durable, resilient, warm, smooth, and not too thick. Sock yarn weight is also known as fingering weight yarn, some even refer to it as 4ply. Although there are many fibers available for sock knitting, the best yarn for knitting socks is superwash Merino Wool with a hint of nylon. The Merino has been treated so it's smooth, soft, washable, warm, and bouncy. The nylon adds durability and resilience.

There are also sock yarns available for knitters with wool allergies. Many of the wool free sock yarns are acrylic and also very soft to the touch.

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Something else that makes sock yarns so special is the wide variety of color techniques used to create them. These yarns are available in hand dyed, variegated, solids, stripes, and Fair Isle patterning. What a cozy treat to knit for your feet!

Sock yarns aren't just for socks! Knitters love to use this yarn for knitting shawls, scarves, hats, mittens, sweaters, and more. We stock premium and designer brand sock yarns. You can also find yarn for socks on sale here.


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