Metallic Yarns

What is metallic yarn?

Did you know metallic yarn is the original man-made yarn? It was created more than 3000 years ago by hammering metals into very thin sheets, cutting it into ribbon strands, then weaving those strands in with other fibers. 

How is metallic yarn made?

Metallic yarn is made by starting with a synthetic film or fiber coated with metallic particles. This fiber is then twisted with another fiber. It can be combined with cotton, linen, wool, acrylic, or polyester. There are no limits to what can be combined with metallics for a unique fiber combination.

Can you block metallic yarn?

You, can block most metallic yarns! Here's how to block metallic yarn. Start by reading the care instructions on the yarn label. Many of these yarns are hand wash, lay flat to dry. That means you'll be able to give it a gentle cool water wash, then lay the garment out for blocking and pin into place. Since metallic includes man made fiber (with a lower melting point) we recommend avoiding heat or steam for blocking on these yarns.

Where to buy metallic yarn?

We love sparkle so there's always a variety of metallic knitting yarn to choose from here at NobleKnits. Some of our favorites include Feza Viva Glitz yarn, Nako Arya Ebruli Sim yarn, and Universal Universe yarn.


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