Hand Dyed Yarns

What is hand dyed yarn?

Hand dyed yarn is yarn that has been dyed or painted by hand rather than commercially dyed. The way yarns are dyed varies quite a bit from artist to artist. Yarns may be dipped, painted, sprayed, or dabbed. Often hand dyes are artisan crafted in small batches using a variety of techniques and types of dyes. When knitting a project with hand dyed yarn, it's important to purchase enough yarn from a batch for a consistent finished piece. Merino wool yarn is one of the most popular fibers used by hand dyers, but you'll also find cashmere, silk, cotton, linen, and even yarn blends are used. Hand dyed yarn companies range from small indi-dyers like Crabapple Yarns and Spincycle Yarns to larger companies like Manos del Uruguay and Ancient Arts

How to wash hand dyed yarn?

Unless otherwise specified, care for your hand dyed yarns with a gentle wool wash. Hand wash it in cool water and lay flat to dry.

How to stop hand dyed yarn from bleeding?

We often receive inquiries on if a hand dyed yarn will bleed and how to stop it. Depending on the dyes and fibers used, you may see a bit of bleeding with a hand dye - most often in darker colors such as blues, purples, and blacks. To avoid bleeding, you may opt for a cold water soak before knitting with yarn while it is still in hank form. Using a wool wash, add a bit of vinegar to the water to help balance the PH. You may also try this technique after knitting a garment.

How to make hand dyed yarn?

Have you ever wanted to dye your own yarn? It's a lot of fun and there are many dyes available commercially. You could even try dyeing with natural materials or low impact dyes.




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