Baby Yarns

What is Baby Yarn?

Yarns in this category are ideal for knitting or crocheting garments and blankets for babies and children. They tend to be soft, durable, easy care (often machine washable), and come in baby/kid-friendly colors and textures. 

What is the softest baby yarn?

We search high and low for yarns that pass the snuggle test! You'll find all of our coziest and softest yarns here all meant for baby. Some of our favorite baby yarn brands include Aalta Cloud Yarn, Peter Pan Petite Fleur Yarn, and Plymouth Jelli Beenz.

What is baby yarn weight?

Baby yarn weight refers to the thickness of the yarn. It is also known as fine/fingering weight and can be found in our yarns by weight category. Rather, the yarns found on this page are all different weights but are all meant for knitting babies' and children's garments

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