Silk Yarn

What is Silk Yarn?

Silk is one of the finest fibers available and creates a lovely yarn for knitting. It is a natural fiber that comes from the silk worm. The worm feeds on Mulberry leaves and creates a single filament that can be spun into long, luxurious yarn. It has a beautiful sheen and may be spun alone or combined with other fibers. Try knitting with silk yarn or a silk yarn blend, you'll be glad you did! Click here to learn more about silk.

Where to buy silk yarn?

NobleKnits stocks a wide variety of silk and silk blend yarns. Discover the beauty of raw silk slub with Loom Risoni Silk Yarn. The best of both silk and wool can be found in Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend Yarn. Berroco's Summer Silk yarn is a lovely combination of cotton and silk fibers.

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