Mohair Yarn

What is mohair yarn?

Mohair comes from the long silky hair/fleece of the Angora Goat. Angoras were introduced in the United States in 1849, with Texas now being the primary provider of 90% of the US mohair.

Why do knitters love mohair?

The yarns have outstanding luster and shine, they create wrinkle resistant fabrics, accept dyes well, moisture resistant, and extremely flame retardant. Most of all, this renewable natural fiber has a lovely halo effect and beautiful drape. More info can be found at the Mohair Council of America.

Where can I buy mohair yarn?

We love mohair for knitting alone, as a blend, or for combining with another yarn to add a soft halo to a project. Wendy Air is a mohair yarn that may be knitted alone, held doubled, or combined with another yarn. Briza from Berroco Yarn is a stand alone yarn that has a unique chainette construction and comes in lovely melange shades. We also have many mohair yarns on sale.

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