Merino Wool Yarn

What is Merino Yarn?

Merino wool comes from the the Merino sheep. They produce the finest quality wool available. What makes Merino wool so special for knitting yarns, is that it provides a fiber that is not itchy. It provides warmth without being hot, and it has moisture wicking properties that keeps garments try to the touch. It's great for knitting garments that are close to the body such as socks, hats, and mittens.

Where to buy Merino Wool Yarn?

We stock Merino yarn here at From 100% Merino such as Schoppel Pur Yarn, to blends like Manos Fino Yarn, you'll find something for every knitting project. 

Why buy Merino Superwash Wool?

Another option available is Merino Superwash. Superwash wool has been treated in a bath that removes the outside scales from the fiber and provides a very smooth washable yarn that won't felt. It's ideal for knitting socks and other garments that need to stand up to a lot of wear and tear. Our favorites include Ewe Ewe Yarns line of washable Merino Wool yarns (available in sporty, wool, and bulky weights), Schoppel Ambiente (a Fair Isle self-striping yarn), and kettled dyed Manos Clara Yarn.

Is Merino Wool Yarn Itchy?

No! Merino Wool is much softer than other wool yarns because it is a finer wool. In addition, Merino Superwash means the scales on the fiber have been removed creating an even smoother yarn that feels great against the skin. One of our favorite non-itchy yarns? Ewe Ewe Merino Superwash Yarns

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