Linen Yarn

Knitting with Linen

Linen is a strong, durable fiber from the flax plant. Around for thousands of years, this fiber is three times stronger than cotton and second in strength to silk. It's perfect for knitting spring and summer weight garments because of it's absorbancy and drape. The long linen fibers have a natural wax coating, providing a lovely sheen to completed projects.

Where can I buy linen yarn?

Linen and linen blend yarns are a favorite here at NobleKnits. We love the crisp richness that only linen can provide to your garment. 100% Linen fiber is available in yarns such as FibreNatura Flax Linen Yarn, Erika Knight Studio Linen, and Linen Yarn from Dandoh. Be sure to check out our Linen blend yarns, too such as Plymouth Linaza Yarn, Classic Eliite Bella Lino Yarn, and Knit One Crochet Too Batiste Yarn.


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