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Alpaca is known as the affordable luxury yarn. It is softer than cashmere without the high price. We stock the finest in alpaca yarns: baby alpaca, bulky alpaca, alpaca wool, and alpaca silk blend yarns.

What is alpaca yarn?

The alpaca animal is a close relative to both the llama and vicuna. The majority of alpacas live in the Andes mountains of Peru,South America. Although many farmers in the US and Canada have started raising alpaca due to their soft fiber and gentle nature. Alpaca wool comes in 22 natural fibers. Additionally, alpaca may be dyed in a wide variety of shades. The dyed shades tend to have a very soft, muted finish. Combined with the light halo affect of this fiber the result is very appealing. 

What makes alpaca yarn unique?

Alpaca fibers have smooth shaft, providing a softer feel than wool while being surprisingly lightweight. It's also softer and warmer than wool. This hypo-allergenic yarn is great for those with wool allergies. Alpaca may be spun alone or combined with another fiber such as wool, cotton, or even linen to add softness. The ultimate luxury is baby alpaca yarn. This is the first shearing of a baby alpaca and it is coveted as the finest fiber available.

Where can I buy alpaca yarn?

We stock a wide variety of alpaca yarn for sale here at NobleKnits. Here are some of our favorites. Manos del Uruguay Serena Yarn is a soft baby alpaca and pima cotton blend yarn at a dk weight. Knitters love it for it's softness and drape. The softness of baby alpaca is combined with the luster of Mulberry silk to create Blue Sky Fibers Metalico yarn. This dk-worsted weight yarn comes in lovely natural shades. Plymouth's Baby Alpaca Worsted Hand Dyed yarn is a 100% baby alpaca yarn that has been hand dyed. It's perfect for knitting a special one-of-a-kind project. Berroco North Star is a chunky alpaca yarn that feels light as a cloud and produces warm, yet light finished garments.

What does alpaca wool feel like?

Alpaca is a very soft fiber. In fact, it's nearly as soft as cashmere. Since it's lighter and warmer than sheep wool, it feels great against the body. Alpaca wool is also very smooth which feels great when knitted. It's usually not twisted as tightly as wool yarn so there is a relaxed feel to the fiber.
It's not prickly or itchy and feels soft and comforting against the skin. 

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