Cables are one of the easiest ways to add texture to your knitting. What is cable knitting? Simply put, is a technique where stitches are crossed with stitches in the same row. Most times, the pattern will instruct you to place several stitches on a cable needle, knit a few stitches, then knit the stitches from the cable needle. That's all there is to it! An amazing twist has been created in your knitting. Projects can be as simple as a single cable panel up the front of a sweater, or an all over repetative cable pattern, to advanced cabling projects such as Aran Isle sweaters and Fisherman knits.

Want to learn How-to Knit Cables? Try our Cable Bag Knit Along below! You'll learn knitting in the round and cabling. Cable Bag Knit AlongCable Bag Knit Along Part 1 Cable Bag Knit Along Part 2 Cable Bag Knit Along Part 3 Cable Bag Knit Along Final Wrap Up

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