Bonnie Bishoff Woodland Shawl Pins

Bonnie Bishoff
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Bonnie Bishoff Woodland Shawl Pins

Artist Bonnie Bishoff continues to intrigue us with her beautiful handcrafted shawl pins. This collection of woodland inspired hand crafted shawl sticks designed are originally fabricated by Bonnie in sterling silver and then cast in lead free pewter. Cast in the USA, you'll love wearing this artisan crafted adornment.

How to wear the shawl pin:

Slip the hook through one loop, through your garment layers, then out and through the second loop. Push the hook till it locks into the first loop and the pin will hold securely. The finer the fabric, the more you should gather in the pin. The hook is made with a soft, ballpoint end to slip through fabrics without snagging or splitting fibers.

Shawl pins are sold individually.

Choose: Wooden Pinecone, Graphite Pinecone, Blueberry or Fern