Aggie's Arts Handcrafted Stitch Markers

Hiya Hiya
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Handmade stitch markers for knitting

Set of 6 beautiful hand crafted stitch markers. Fits up to size US 17 needle. Use these to mark the beginning of a round, increases, decreases, or stitch pattern repeats.

Aggie's Arts is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Ugandan women and their families develop financial independence. The Knitting Zone, US distributor of Hiya Hiya Needles, heard about Aggie's Arts from friends and family and thought, "this is a way we can give back to a community that is struggling.

All of the proceeds from Aggie's Arts sales that The Knitting Zone receives goes back to Aggie's Arts to aid artists and their community. 

Assorted colors.

Set of 6 stitch markers