addiEgg i-cord Machine

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addiEgg i-cord Machine

It's adorable AND fun to use! You'll be an i-cord dynamo with the Egg I-cord Machine from Addi. If you've knitted i-cord on double pointed needles, you know what a long process it is to create - knit just a few stitches and then lots of sliding to the other end of the needle. But with the addiEgg, you'll whip out i-cord fast and easy. 

Click the video link tab to see how easy it is to assemble, thread the machine, cast on stitches, quickly make i-cord, and bind off the stitches. It's so easy to use, you don't even need to know how to knit to use it. 


  • addiEgg with 6 needles
  • Instructions

** Yarn not included

What to knit with i-cord? Here's some quick and easy projects to try!

i-cord knitting projects