Addi Bamboo Necklace DIY Knit-cessories

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DIY Knit-cessories

Have you ever started knitting a little swatch on circular needles only to think, wow! this looks so nice I could wear it right now! Well, our friends at Addi have come up with an ingenious necklace so you can do just that! These DIY Knit-cessories are bamboo knitting needles at the center with a magnetic necklace closure at the back. You'll find your favorite yarn, knit up a little swatch, a fasten it off and out the door you go! You can change the yarn as often as you'd like. The Knit-cessories comes with instructions on how to use.

Available in two lengths: Standard and Extended

  • Standard measurement is 20-1/2" from tip to tip, needles are a size 3
  • Extended measurement is 24-1/2" from tip to tip, needles are a size 3

Yarn not included