Hello Knitters!

I've been receiving lots of supportive notes since announcing the next step for NobleKnits. Thank you for all of your kind words!

We've also had a lot of questions about why this change is coming and I want to give you a bit about our history to help explain why we're shifting how we do business and also why we're excited about this new adventure.

I started NobleKnits in 1999 when I became a stay-at-home-mom. I had spent years in the fashion industry working nonstop hours in retail fashion, manufacturing, and merchandising.

After the birth of my daughter, I found myself at home wanting to work but not wanting to be apart from her sweet little face. I designed crochet sweaters and hats for her and then decided to write the patterns, create kits, open a website and get a booth at Stitches. NobleKnits was born!

After a few years of selling patterns and kits (even appearing on QVC), I came to really love the yarn industry. With my expertise in retail, I felt like opening a yarn shop would be a great next step for me. It would be a BIG CHANGE for NobleKnits but it was one I wanted to take. I opened NobleKnits Yarn Shop in Malvern, PA in 2003.

We had a great time in that yarn store. I was able to stretch my wings as a retailer, write a few books, and bring a great crafting experience to many knitters and crocheters in the Philadelphia area. As time went on we had a second store and things really grew for NobleKnits.

In 2008 my husband landed his dream job in Silicon Valley, California. That meant it was time to face a new direction. I needed to move my family across the country and that meant a BIG CHANGE for NobleKnits. We closed both retail locations and I moved the entire business online. I moved to California and my yarn moved to a warehouse in Pennsylvania. 

I began working remotely. I handled the retail and marketing online and my business partner handled shipping and logistics in PA. We expanded NobleKnits from just a small part of the US to a huge global online community where knitters across the world could buy yarn and get knitting resources.

Now it's time to rethink some things again. Running a remote business has become increasingly challenging as the pace of online business and social media seems to speed up on a daily basis. Being so far away from the yarn, needles and notions that make NobleKnits great is hard and I feel like I can serve you better in a different way. 

The BIG CHANGE means that we're closing our Pennsylvania warehouse and retail website to focus on our Knitting Community and Online Learning Center.

I hope you'll stay with me for the next chapter of NobleKnits!

Happy Knitting,

Nancy Queen


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