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Cotton Yarn 

Cotton is one of the oldest known fibers and remains a staple in our industry today. Mass production began in the 1700 with the invention of the cotton gin. This fiber is so popular because of it's soft and versatile; it accepts dyes beautifully providing bright, rich shades. It's breathable so it's perfect to wear three seasons out of the year. And most of all, it's extremely absorbant, providing comfortable knits that wick moisture from the body.

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"I love buying from NobleKnits. I receive my products nicely wrapped within days after ordering. Awesome online service." Barb in CO
"Very impressed when I received my pattern in the mail. Packed very neatly, pattern was on card stock not just plain paper, in a plastic sleeve like what I would do. Pattern written very well also and very clear. Can't wait to get started on it. Very pleased. My favorites are Fair Isle and Cables. Thanks to everyone for all your hard work, it shows!" Joanne C.
"I have ordered several yarns and several patterns from NobleKnits. The orders and downloads of patterns and yarns have been true to the pictures and descriptions. Thank you, NobleKnits, for your service and efficiency. I do not hesitate to order from you and I refer friends to you!" Linda O.
"Easy ordering process with quick delivery! Excellent service!" Anita